These Are Our Beliefs

We believe
that working in quality surroundings is relaxing, productive, and good for the soul.

Life is too short to spend all day in a box with cheap furniture - even if it costs a few dollars less.

We believe
that a workplace should foster a welcoming, cheerful environment where people feel good about coming to work.

Taking our work seriously is important;  taking ourselves too seriously isn’t.

We believe
our clients are just that: clients.  Not 'tenants'.

We believe we are partnering with them on their road to success.

We believe
we are most successful when we genuinely try to help our clients succeed.

That's why we bend over backwards to accommodate our clients' wants and needs, no matter how much work it may occasionally create for us.  It's why we assume responsibility for greeting their callers and visitors in a friendly, professional manner, because we know that that attitude reflects how our clients want their clients to feel.

We believe
small businesses succeed by focusing on a few things that they do very well.

That's why we take care of staffing and running the office, and why we offer a full range of support services that free our clients to focus on the things that matter to them rather than wasting their time getting bogged down in administrivia.  Admin is what we do well.

We believe
businesses don't do business with businesses - people do business with people.

Furthermore, we believe people do business with people they like, which is why we value clients who share our beliefs.

We believe
accounting is score-keeping and influences how a business behaves.

That is why we offer our visual Dashboard to bring the numbers alive, and why we try to explain what the books mean rather than just drily providing monthly reports.  It is why we use a formal methodology to guide how we do our clients’ bookkeeping, and why we have invested so much in systems to control and document the work.

We believe
that treating our own staff well is as important as treating our clients well.

We train them and we support them, but we have no policy manual to guide them because we simply expect them to use their best judgement at all times.

We believe
that battling downtown rush-hour traffic twice a day is time that could be better spent doing productive things.

That is why we have located our centres outside the core but still quickly accessible to downtown.

We believe
that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

That is why we run our business with attention to detail and a constant focus on professionalism.

We believe
it's OK to make mistakes, because unless mistakes are made occasionally, little is learned.

But if the mistake is ours, we believe in admitting it quickly, rectifying it immediately, and making sure we don't make the same mistake again.

These are our Beliefs.

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