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Administrative Services

‘Administration' covers a broad range of activities – from reception and word processing to event coordination to procurement and office management. To help your business run smoothly, Athene can handle any or all of your company's administration requirements. Outsourcing administrative functions allows you to focus on the things that really matter: marketing and sales, leadership and team building, quality control, and so on.

To provide the broadest possible range of administrative services, Athene has developed trust-based partnerships with an extensive list of service providers. Our partners bill Athene directly, so you receive only one monthly invoice for all services provided by or through Athene.

Support & Contract Services

Through Athene and our legal network, you can access a range of services from simple incorporations and minute book management to contract development and reviews, client administration and management, corporate mergers, governance and strategic issue management.

Human Resources & Employment

Over several years in a people business, Athene has invested heavily into developing an exceptional set of Human Resources and Employment services:

  • Complete payroll services (including direct deposit, submission of employer contributions, and production of T4s and ROEs)
  • Group insurance benefits with group premium discounts typically available only to larger companies
  • Employer and contractor agreements developed with the input of a senior consultant from Revenue Canada
  • Professional assistance with sensitive employment issues, regulations, benefits and recognition/retention plans

Microsoft Office Groove Consulting

A registered Microsoft partner, Athene offers a range of IT services with specialization in Microsoft Office Groove - now called SharePoint Workspace - a 'platform' product that allows geographically dispersed people to work on common files without worries over version control. Groove features include presence awareness, chat, messaging and VOIP communication. Athene developed all of its own custom systems in Groove, and we can do the same for you.

Executive Services

Even though they may overflow with entrepreneurial spirit, many companies have gaps in the critical business skills required for long-term success. Smaller companies in particular may lack the resources to hire people with executive-level skill sets.

Athene can bolster your company's chances of success by providing access to the services of experienced, successful entrepreneurs, business lawyers, and finance and administrative VPs. While you pay only for the actual time they work on your business issues, they are more than just consultants; they are part of the Athene team and, as such, show a genuine care for your business and its success.

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