We're Here (and There) for You

Athene has a growing portfolio of premier suburban office locations in Calgary, Alberta, each selected to elevate your professional reputation while freeing you from the entanglements of working downtown. Go against the flow of rush-hour traffic and enjoy a welcome reprieve from the chronic headaches of parking downtown.

All Athene locations include a variety of workspace configurations, from individual offices to private suites to project areas.

As an Athene client, you'll enjoy the flexibility to use the meeting space in any of our locations.

A location that saves me time

One Executive Place
NW Calgary Business Centre

Suite 700, One Executive Place
1816 Crowchild Trail NW
Calgary, AB   T2M 3Y7

Garrison Green
SW Calgary Business Centre

Suite 300, 5 Richard Way SW
Calgary, AB   T3E 7M8

Quarry Park
SE Calgary Business Centre

Suite 300, 160 Quarry Park Boulevard SE
Calgary, AB   T2C 3G3

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