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Why go through the hassle and expense of leasing standalone space when Athene makes it so easy and affordable?

Stand-alone Office

Athene Office

Leasing Issues


  • Lengthy fixed-term lease
  • Business or personal guarantees on rent
  • Lack of flexibility on amount of space and term
  • Lack of control over building operating costs
  • Real estate and legal fees
  • One-year lease with three-month cancellation notice
  • Flexibility to upsize or downsize as necessary
  • No real estate or legal fees
  • No personal guarantees or financing

Build-out Issues


  • Significant capital investment for improvements
  • Significant fees for architects and engineers
  • Investment in HVAC, plumbing, electrical and data cabling, security systems
  • Time and money spent on permits
  • Time lost to build-out planning and management
  • Problems arising from lack of experience overseeing build-out
  • Immediate occupancy in a professional, prestigious facility
  • Significant time savings
  • Access to full office facilities

Equipment Costs


  • Investment in telephone/PBX system, voicemail and call attendants
  • Investment in servers, patch panels, routers
  • Investment in furniture, printers, copiers
  • Investment in kitchen equipment
  • Deposits and installation fees on phone lines and Internet
  • Time lost to research required purchases
  • Immediate phone service and high speed Internet
  • Access to high-tech office equipment and services

Monthly Expenses


  • Staffing costs for reception, admin, etc. and related overhead
  • Utilities
  • Facility insurance
  • Data, phone & fax lines
  • Janitorial fees
  • Security fees
  • Office and equipment maintenance
  • One fixed monthly rental payment
  • Additional services available on an as-needed basis



  • Setting up corporate accounts with couriers, stationers, etc.
  • Managing office facility
  • Managing and training office staff
  • Making coffee and cleaning up the kitchen
  • No personnel recruiting, hiring, training or management issues
  • Access to all corporate accounts for couriers, stationery, long-distance, etc.
  • No facility management issues


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